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Special designs

Special designs like e.g. figured honeycomb chipboard, veneered and varnished, or massive oiled beech skirting protection strips are possible across the entire range.

Based on customer requirements, we create new products for all kinds of applications. We are always open for innovative ideas to develop and realise together with our customers.

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Furniture parts

The high level of production from derived timber products to prefabricated furniture enables us to also offer semi-finished or finished furniture parts. Recent projects confirm the competitive capacity of high quality and up-market furniture parts.

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Oiled surfaces

One of our coating lines can also process oiled surfaces, for example for furniture construction with solid wood parts or single massive skirting protection strips. Even small parts or furniture parts are possible with this processing step.

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Varnishing via spray coating with laser-controlled robot arms, classically with rolling technology with UV hardening or manually in spray booths – we can offer these services depending on quality requirement and project.

There are three coating lines available. The maximum board thickness is 1250 mm. One of these coating lines is equipped with a state-of-the-art curing oven (dust-free). High-gloss surfaces to meet the highest demands can be varnished here.

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Edge processing

Our edge banding machine also allows edge processing in the form of solid wood edging, ABS edging, melamine edging, PMMA acrylic edging and others. Thicknesses of 8 – 60 mm, lengths of at least 120 mm and widths of at least 65 mm are no problem to process.

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CNC processing

Thanks to our CNC processing centre, we can also offer curves, drill holes, drill slits or similar cuts. Two processing centres are available. Both can carry out highly complex processing types. The maximum dimensions here are 5000 x 1300 mm and 4500 x 1560 mm.

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Custom cuts

From rough centre cuts to fixed dimensions – we offer any kind of custom cut. Our horizontal large format panel saw can cut maximum dimensions of 5600 x 2600 mm. Within these dimensions, any format is conceivable. Be it medium density fibreboards, chipboards, plywood boards – we can deliver anything.

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