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MDF V313 – humidity resistant – through-coloured black


V313 through-coloured-black Type MDF LA according  to DIN 622-5   Datenblatt zum Download

approx. 720 kg/m3 bulk density                                                 icon mdf coloured   icon mdf moisture resistant    Stencil Original Spanolux

 MDF V313 Umidax - feuchte resistent - schwarz durchgefärbt

Area of application

Damp-resistant medium-density fibreboards , dyed black through to the core, for use in humid environments, equally suited for construction purposes with direct or short-term strain.


MDF with high density with a hard, finely sanded surface and a strong, screw-mountable core, glued with MUF glue. The boards are subject to minimum expansion and swelling with high humidity. MDF Umidax® Noir can be finished with paper, melamine, veneer, composite lay-ups and varnish. They are made of 100 % coniferous wood and do not have any coarse fibres on the surface. The boards are excellent to mill and emit low quantities of formaldehyde (class E1).



Using the product

The boards must be used only according to use class 1 (restrictions for ambient temperature and humidity) and hazard classes 1 and 2, EN 335-3. The boards must not have direct contact with water during and especially after installation. Any stacking must be done quickly on a pallet or with a sufficient number of crossbeams. Boards must not be stored upright unless floor contact can be ruled out. Under the influence of fluctuating humidity conditions, the boards expand or shrink. However, to a lesser extent than the S-Lux MDFs, which is why a margin for expansion must always be provided for. Use suitable tools for sawing, milling and drilling. MDF Umidax® Noir can be used for structured walls, with a restriction in the load duration category. A corrosion resistant metal fitting, e.g. galvanized steel, must be used in use class 2. Nails or screws must have a distance of at least 8 mm to the edge of the board.


Dimensions and stock program

Thickness: 9 to 25 mm standard, other thicknesses available upon request. Max. width and length: 244–255 to 635 cm. Spanolux has high capacity saws and can provide all dimensions.  



Stock programme

Thickness Dimensions
in mm in mm
  1220 x 2440 1220 x 3050 2070 x 2800
6 120 120  
9  80 80  
12  60 60  
16  45 45  
18 40 40 30
19 40  40 30
25  28 28  

Refer to the individual items for details on packaging units in pcs.

You can find the data sheet with technical details in the Downloadcenter.




Technical data

General properties + standard Unit Average values
Thickness EN 324-1    mm 18
Thickness EN 323  Kg/m³ 730
Moisture content EN 322 % 6-10
Technical properties + standard   5/95 quantile values
Swelling/24u EN 317 % 8
Tensile strength EN 319 N/mm² 0,75
Bending strength EN 310 N/mm² 30
Bending elasticity modulus EN 310 N/mm² 2700
Swelling after cycle test EN 321 option 1 % 15
Tensile strength after cycle test EN 321 option 1 N/mm² 0,2


General information

Property Standard Unit

Fibreboard specifications

Part 1: General requirements
Nominal diameter classes (mm)
19 >19
Tolerances with nominal dimensions:  
Thickness EN 324-1 mm ± 0,2 ± 0,3
Length and width EN 324-1 mm/m ± 2,0 mm/m, max. ± 5,0 mm
Perpendicularity EN 324-2 mm/m 2,0 mm/m
Deviations from the straightness of length and width EN 324-2 mm/m 1,5 mm/m
Tolerance for board thickness EN 323 % ± 7,0
Formaldehyd Perforator Class E1 EN 120 mg/100g 8

UMIDAX® NOIR MDFs meet the defaults of EN 622-5, option 1, cycle test, whereby the boards are immersed in water, frozen and finally dried. This cycle is repeated three times. After that, the test items are tested for swelling and transverse tensile strength. The boards are checked by our own laboratory daily and have the EU label.