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HPL or CPL composite elements are available with many different decors and dimensions. The main difference to other manufacturers is clearly the flexibility and gluing of our press. The system can glue a board with maximum dimensions of up to 3200 x 2100 mm! We use polyurethane (PU) glue as standard. It is waterproof and very flexible when it comes to gluing any kind of base materials.

Base materials:

chipboards, MDF, blockboards, birch multiplex, beech multiplex, okoume plywood, A2 fire protection boards, PU foam boards, synthetic honeycomb, carton honeycomb


HPL, CPL, high-gloss acrylic (broAcryl), thin MDF


min. 2 mm, max. 80 mm


maximum length 3200 mm; minimum length 2000 mm
maximum width 2100 mm; minimum width 800 mm


starting at 100 m2

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