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PU honeycomb core sandwich elements

Composite elements with PU honeycomb cores as base core can likewise be pressed in with various top materials. As with PU hard foam boards, it does not matter whether it is sealed with 3 mm thin MDF and coated with high-gloss acrylic, or coated directly with thin plywood – the high flexibility of our press virtually knows no limits.

Base materials:

PU foam boards


thin MDF, plywood boards, OSB, thin chipboard


HPL, CPL, high-gloss acrylic (broAcryl), thin MDF, plywood boards, OSB, chipboard


15 – 50 mm – other thicknesses upon request.


maximum length 3200 mm; minimum length 2000 mm
maximum width 2100 mm; minimum width 800 mm


upon request


Verbundelemente PU Wabenkern Verbundelemente PU Wabenkern