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Foam sandwich elements

Composite elements with PU foam boards as base core can be pressed in with various top materials. Regardless of whether it is sealed with 3 mm thin MDF and coated with high-gloss acrylic, or coated directly with thin plywood – the high flexibility of our press virtually knows no limits. The low bulk density of approx. 35 kg/m3 is for all applications requiring a low bulk density. This is especially required for vehicle construction, shipbuilding or railway engineering.

Base materials:

PU foam boards


thin MDF, plywood boards, OSB, thin chipboard


HPL, CPL, high-gloss acrylic (broAcryl), thin MDF, plywood boards, OSB, chipboard


30 – 80 mm – other thicknesses upon request.


maximum length 3200 mm; minimum length 2000 mm
maximum width 2100 mm; minimum width 800 mm


upon request


Verbundelemente Sandwich PU Verbundelemente Sandwich PU