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broDesign Hochglanz Surfaces


The first individual brand of the Broszeit Group, broDesign HOCHGLANZ is a high-gloss acrylic board for use in furniture construction. These composite boards are mostly MDF bases coated with broAcrylDesign HOCHGLANZ. This product is an alternative to Senosan surfaces that have been on the market for years. The difference to other high-gloss acrylic products is mainly the gloss level of the boards because that of the broDeign HOCHGLANZ boards is clearly higher.
You can find further product advantages of broDesign HOCHGLANZ in the following:

  • Acrylic thickness 0.9 mm, competition e.g. 0.7 mm. The thicker the layer, the higher the gloss level. Gloss level of broDesign HOCHGLANZ GLE >85, competition e.g. GLE >80
  • Acrylic thickness 0.9 mm for all colours, no gradation with full-scale or metallic decors
  • No comparable product available on the market. Rear pearly matte acrylic, thickness 0.9 mm. This means a symmetric structure, low deformation, higher quality.
  • Dimensions 3050 x 1220 mm. length 2440 mm upon request
  • Despite acrylic structure on both sides, price competitive as compared to asymmetrically structure competitor products.
  • All acrylic boards can be remoulded.
  • Smaller scratches can be polished.

More information is available here:

Base materials:

MDF, blockboards, okoume plywood, A2 fire protection boards, PU foam boards, synthetic honeycomb, carton honeycomb


broAcryl (high-gloss acrylic) 


min. 2 mm, max. 80 mm 


maximum length 3200 mm; minimum length 2000 mm
maximum width 1220 mm; minimum width 800 mm


min. piece number 1

If you are interested in our different colours, technical data or further information, please visit our broAcryl website www.broacryl.de