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Broszeit Group

The Broszeit Group is a company that has been family-managed for two generations and is based in South Germany, Baindt-Schachen near Ravensburg at Lake Constance. The Broszeit Group was founded by the agency more than ten years ago, in the year 2002. It represents a total of more than 30 years of experience in specialised timber trade and the wood-processing industry.

The Broszeit Group is divided into two segments

The agency brokers commercial transactions on the basis of commissions and the industry itself directly handles billing. The major offices in the agency are the companies Schweighofer and Losán. You can find more information on these partners on the respective subpages. The second segment is Broszeit Production and Import GmbH. It finishes wood materials and also manufactures individual products.

The end of 2012 has seen the launch of the first home brand: broAcryl

broAcryl is a high-gloss surface pressed in on different base materials. Various differences to alternative products provide broAcryl with many advantages making it the Ferrari among acrylic high-gloss products.

In addition, Broszeit Production and Import GmbH offers plywood and glued wood boards from many different countries. These are always imported in full containers or lorries and stored temporarily either in our warehouses in Antwerp or Baindt and picked and packaged for our customers depending on the purchased quantity or directly delivered to customers in Strecke. Special employees are on site for quality checks especially for imports from Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia; this ensures consistent quality assurance for the highest demands.

Whether agency or production and import – the same contact persons are available for our customers to provide help and advice. Everything comes together at the company headquarters in Baindt-Schachen. One contact person for your project.