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broDesign - Create your style.


Create unique wood surfaces with our

broDesign wood mosaic

broDesign wood mosaic are uniquely designed wood surfaces with a variety of design options. You can select from various wood types and surface versions and create your customized combination. You have eighteen unique designs available. Each wood mosaic is shaped by an impressive composition of individual wood parts. Here are some examples. You can find details on the individual WOOD MOSAIC designs at www.bro-design.de.

broDesign beispieloberflächen



  1. Thoroughly prepare the surface and ensure that it is dry.

  2. Wood mosaic can be glued directly on dust-free and dry surfaces.
  3. We do not recommend application in areas that are constantly subjected to humidity.
  4. Any glue can be used. For wood surfaces like plywood or MDF, we recommend PVA glue. For other applications, PU glue or adhesive spray can be used.
  5. For every wood mosaic, a spacer of 1.5 mm must be planned and installed on all four sides.
  6. We always recommend applying surface pressure until the glue is fully cured. Especially for PVA glue, we recommend a curing time (according to manufacturer's specifications) of 6–8 hours.
  7. If varnishing is required, we recommend not applying great pressure to the wood mosaic after the first layer of varnish has been put on.
  8. If grouting material is to be applied, it must be ensured that the glue is absolutely dry and that the surface has been varnished at least once. We do not recommend the use of grouting material for relief and structured surfaces.
  9. Epoxy-based grouting material is recommended for water-resistant applications.
  10. The surface should be wiped with a moist cloth after grouting.
  11. For the final layer, we recommend varnishes that are also suited for veneer surfaces.

You can download the brochure here.